Voices from the Past

When the Centennial time capsule was open, many of the contents had been ruined.  Among the items restored were a cassette and reel-to-reel tapes that have been transferred to mp3 format.

KTOD Interviews

Over several months, Ray Allen with KTOD Radio hosted interviews with various individuals, who were involved in the Centennial celebration.  They include Roy Woods and Roy Rogero, owners of The Rockport Pilot; Mayor Delmar R. Hiller; Major Don Meek, who headed the parade operations; James Sorenson, president of First National Bank of Rockport and Chairman of the Centennial Committee; and David H. Crooks, chairman of the Centennial PR Committee.

Bustles to Bikinis

The 1970 pageant depicting Rockport’s history in five acts.  More than 300 residents participated in the show.