For the Kids

Ornament Workshop

Ornament Workshop

- Let your child's creativity flow!!!  Participants can make various handmade ornaments to hang on their trees or as gifts for special friends and loved ones.  Kids will also have the opportunity to decorate a cookie to nibble on while they're designing ornaments.  The event takes place from 1 - 4 p.m. at the Rockport Center for the Arts on Navigation Circle.  Free event.  Sponsors include the Rockport Center for the Arts and the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site.

Visit with Tropical Santa


Pirate Show featuring Captain Rex

- Together with his crew, Captain Rex takes kids on a swash buckling adventure sharing tales of the seven seas and his sure for treasure.  Captain Rex will have two performances throughout the day and will serve as the judge for the pirate costume contest.


Who Wants to be a Pirate??  

At 1 p.m., there will be a pirate costume contest on the grounds of the Texas Maritime Museum.  Points will be awarded for:

Earring in one ear

Pirate pants (short, long, jagged)

Head bandana / hat

Pirate boots

Beads / bracelets / rings

Parrot or bird on the shoulder

Braided hair or beard

Pirate vest

Facial Hair

Play sword / dagger


Flintlock pistol / rifle

Blacked-out teeth

Peg leg / Arm Hook

 Click here for costume contest applications, which will also be available the day of the event.

Following the Pirate Costume Contest, children can participate in the "Run for Yar" Treasure Hunt offering buried coins and bounty from a pirate's treasure chest


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