Council Member Ward #1

James Russell (Rusty) Day, Jr. was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in a single-parent home where he learned to cook. While attending a private military academy, he learned order and how to clean, both helpful in future endeavors as he would later learn. Early testing showed an ability in things mechanical, school showed he also easily grasped the concepts of math and geometry. His first real job was working with his grandfather where he learned woodworking while building cabinets and trimming homes. This also proved helpful later. He worked pumping gas for the local "used car salesman," whom Rusty learned wasn't ethical, and didn't stay there long. He then found employment with the most reputable garage in the area and worked there for years. He quit the wrench-twisting business for a few years to return to school and acquire an Associates of Applied Science degree in Solar Design/Air Conditioning Refrigeration Mechanics. Finding no solar related jobs except in Hawaii (long way from home) or New Mexico (a Gulf Coast boy in the desert?), he returned to his old automotive business where he purchased it, and a second a short while later.

During Hurricane Alicia, he met a young woman named Jennifer and they soon fell in love. They married, made their first real estate investment, and had two beautiful children, Nicholas and Christina. In 1996, the Day family moved to the North Dallas/Fort Worth area and he spent the next 16 years opening and running an internet sales business, a financial services business and an oil distribution business. At some point, retirement plans were formulated and a plan set into motion. They would retire to the coast and Rockport was their natural choice. They looked at real estate online and planned to put "boots on the ground" over their 25th anniversary. After making reservations at a local bed and breakfast, he asked "can you recommend a realtor"? The B&B owner replied, "Well, my place is for sale." The rest, as they say, is history. The Days are the proud owners of Angel Rose Bed and Breakfast. After a year and a half transition period, their plans are on track. Rusty purchased a water well drilling and service business and installs and services geothermal A/C units. He volunteers in his church, community kitchen, Rockport Historic Society, and is a Master Mason. Those years of helping mom made a decent cook out of Rusty. Today he serves a gourmet breakfast for guests in the mornings, works tirelessly restoring their 1881 Victorian B & B, manages their other rental properties, and runs a water well service business in the afternoon. Evening finds the Days enjoying the breeze on the front porch of Angel Rose. Semi-retired in Rockport, not a bad lot in life.

Council Member Day is currently the liaison to the Rockport Heritage District Board and the Keep Rockport Beautiful Advisory Board. He is also named as alternate to serve on the Tourism and Development Council.

Day 2019

James Russell (Rusty) Day, Jr.

Elected May 2013
Re-elected May 2015
Re-elected May 2017

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